Impetus Games
Based in Vienna, Austria

Release date:
October 14th 2016

Windows / Steam


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Glow is a fast-paced action game in the spirit of the good old 80's & 90's 2d top-down shooters, presented in modern 3d graphics. You control a lone but brave Firefly, to help her fight evil spiders and critters that try to kill you. But fear not, dying is not the end. The more you play, the more perks you can collect for your flying hero, which help you to get rid of even more enemies. Are you good enough to lead the global online leaderboard and become Glow world champion?


Glow was originally created as a single player game using a custom 2d engine, but has later been ported to the awesome Unreal Engine 4. While its design and core mechanics are based on those classic action games from the good old 80s and 90s, it shines with a fresh setting, challenging gameplay, and modern 3d graphics.


  • Control your Firefly in a fast-paced action game with a zoomable 3rd person view
  • Various types of Spiders and anti-aircraft Slugs try to shoot you down
  • Equip the Firefly with various weapons, ordnance & passive abilities (500+ combos)
  • Collect power-ups to heal, gain more points, or spawn Minions that fight on your side
  • Increase your score by killing enemies to unlock new perks and climb up the leaderboard
  • Easy to learn, hard to master: Just play and become better over time


Glow Release Trailer YouTube

Glow Greenlight Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (15MB)


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Glow Greenlight Page
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About Impetus Games

An independent game studio based in Vienna, Austria. We focus on rich gameplay and fun mechanics, rather than big explosions and half-naked girls. We basically make games that we want to play for ourselves.

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Glow Credits

Matthias F. Brandstetter
Coding and Tech, Impetus Games

Christoph Thurner
Game Design and Art, Impetus Games

Andreas Groestlinger
Audio Design, Music, Sound Effects

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